Ahout SJLA:

SLA Lighting focus on outdoor lighting, industrial lighting and commercial lighting 

with LED light source applied. SJLA Lighting, as part of vertical integration strategy of  

MH LED in LED industry chain, gains the greater advantages in cost and quality 

control, comparing to other application-oriented lighting companies in China. With 

parent company’s support, SJLA Lighting has grown up one of leading LED lighting companies in China.

SJLA Lighting boasts its first -class production equipments, testing instruments as 

well as many talents. We have 9 automatic SMT machines from Panosonic in Japan. The reflow soldering machine, aging cabinet and wave soldering machine are 

working in the workshop. Besides, the spectrum & flux measurement system and goniophotometer are used for testing optical parameter of LED lighting fixture in our laboratory. Most importantly, over 10 excellent sales are devoted to providing professional services to customers, and 8 experienced engineers keep us launching innovative products very year! SJLA have ISO9001/CE/RoHS/FCC/PSE/UL/SAA ect... 

SJLA Team:

SJLA LED luminaires have already provided inspiration for thousands of designers, architects and engineers all over the world. With our customer,we actively 

explore the ideas in architectural, residencial, commercial, industrial lighting and special auxiliary lighting. We have already helped offering  lots of LED 

lighting solutions to many famous brands?        
Our excellent sales and after-sales team are always at your service and will take good care of you, our valued customer.

SJLA Join:

· Within the scope of your agent,We only sell products to you!

· Free replacement product(free freight)!

· One pre-VIP service and big OFF!

· One or two In each country!

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Q:How much is shipping this product?  

A:FedEx and DHL freight reference(>21kg),Europe/North America/Oceania:6usd/KG; Asia:3usd/KG.  

Q:Oh!this freight very expensive!  

A:Do not worry,free delivery in your China agent.or by sea.  

Q:Can do my logo ?  

A:yes,free your Logo stickers! order more can free logo box.  

Q:Why is your product so expensive?  

A:We produce only the best quality,Please check our factory profit and materials cost following detailed description.  

Q:Why your product best quality?  

A:We use Philips/CREE/Mean Well/Bridgelux/Aerospace AL and copper heat.Best materials on Earth,Is not the best Lighting?   

Q:How long your product warranty?  

A:Our product warranty 5years,free replacement and Shipping(product quality reasons bad).  

Q:How much MOQ?  

A:No have moq,welcome sample test!  

Q:Where to see more products?  

A:Visit our website and contact us.  

Q:Can buy your accessories?

A:yes,diver/chip/shell/other all can sell you.

Q:Would you like to jion our agent?

Why Choose SJLA

Electrical Engineers and the Specification sector are now adopting the use of LED technology on almost every project for general LED office lighting. LED Manufacturers have made tremendous leaps forward in LED design, and with the Carbon Trust program and the enhanced capital allowance scheme we are seeing more and more clients turn to LED Lights to reduce their Carbon Footprint and address increasing energy bills.6 great reasons for choosing LEDs as the preferred light engine...

1. Energy Efficiency:

LEDs consume far less energy than standard light bulbs and tubes, leading to greatly reduced energy costs. LEDs also require far less energy to manufacture than other light sources, reducing the environmental impact of artificial lighting still further.

2. Long Life:

The typical working life of an LED is 100,000 hours which equals to 11.5 years for continuous light (this is much dependant on the heat sink of the LED), most LED manufactures guarantee 50,000 hours life span of the LED, when compared to incandescent which burns out after a few thousand hours and Fluorescent tubes a few thousand more makes using LEDs an even more attractive option.

3. Reliability:

An LED is encased in virtually an unbreakable high strength optical grade resin; there is no glass or filament protecting the light source which could be broken, making LED light sources perfect for rugged or demanding environments or installations where access is difficult.

4. Economical:

Despite their apparent initial price, the use of LEDs dramatically reduces cost in a number of ways. The low power consumption lowers the cost of energy by up to 60%, while the long life and reliability of LED light sources reduces maintenance costs even further especially where crane hire or scaffold towers are a health and safety requirement for maintenance.

5. Environmentally Friendly:

The reduced energy consumption of LED lighting can only be good for the environment at a time when global warming is a matter of increasing concern. Not only do LED’s require less energy and material to manufacture, they do not contain toxic mercury commonly found in fluorescent lamps. The power consumption of LED lamps makes them far better suited for Solar or Wind technology.

6. Better Safety and Security:

The low level heat produced and low voltages used by LEDs make them a far safer source of light. No glass to break, no hot filament, no gas or noxious fumes. The intrinsic toughness and reliability of LED light sources mean that they are less likely to fail at the times when you need them most (usually in an emergency), thereby raising the user’s level of personal safety and security.

LED Lighting Past & Present

We pay tribute to Henry Joseph Round, who in 1907 was the first to observe in a piece of Silicon Carbide a yellow light, which later became known to us all as a Light Emitting Diode (LED).

Fast forwarding the last 100 year journey of this little gem, we take note of where we are in today’s global LED technology market. Like computers, LEDs have followed their own kind of "Moore’s Law", becoming roughly twice as powerful around every eighteen months, especially over the last 2 to 3 years, when manufacturers have taken the leap forward to develop the LED into a usable light source. When combining several together they can now be used for any application at a fraction of the energy cost.


LED’s are now bright enough to light our homes, offices and even our streets. The impressive energy efficiency of LEDs means that solar-charged batteries can power LED units by night, bringing light and comfort at an affordable level of installation. This technology is convenient too; avoiding the need, seen with conventional wiring, to dig up roads and pathways for cabling.

So we ask the question of why use an LED light fixture when other so called normal light sources or lamps and tubes have served us for so many generations? Remember these are incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes, technology first invented in the 19th Century by Thomas Edison (Edison Screw Bulbs) and Nikolai Tesia, which is now becoming old technology thanks to the LED.

Exterior LED Flood Lighting is a major growing market, as is LED Street Lighting. It is amazing that only a few years ago LED’s were only seen in small electronic equipment and thanks to the pioneering lamp manufacturers of the world we can now offer realistic and cost effect LED Lighting on any project level.

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